How to obtain EU Blue Card to work in Germany

Maintaining of a high level of European economy requires an intake of qualified specialists. The lack of personnel in the most demanded areas led to the development of a Blue Card project, which greatly simplified immigration to EU countries. Germany is one of the countries, which open most actively the way for young qualified specialists. More than 90% of Blue Card holders chose Germany. Would you like to join them? Then this information is for you.


What is a Blue Card?

Blue Cards is a document consisting of two documents: it is a work permit and a residence permit. It will allow you to work and reside in the European Union (in particular, in Germany) and will give your family members the right to live and work there. This is not a lottery, as is the case with an American Green Card: you will not just win to go to Europe, you need to have a higher education, qualifications and, in fact, the employer who needs you.

Conditions to get a Blue Card

In what case is moving to Germany via the Blue Card possible? Everything is relatively simple, you just need to fulfill certain conditions: • to have an education diploma granted in any country, including Germany. The university and the specialty must be recognized by a competent German ZAB Department. • to find an employer who needs a specialist of your qualifications, and who is ready to pay you at least 53,800 Euros per year (4,483.33 Euros per month). For some especially demanded specialties, the wage bar has been reduced to 42,600 Euros per year (3,550 euros per month). All amounts are shown before payment taxes, as it is customary in Germany. It is worth noting that this is a very average income level for Europe, and if your specialty is in demand and you speak at least English, then it will not be difficult to find a suitable job with a higher salary. • you should not violate the rules of a visa regime or the legislation of European Union (otherwise you risk to be refused of a visa). If you meet specified requirements, then it is up to you to collect the necessary documents for submission to German Consulate at your place of residence. You first need to apply for a national German visa there. Usually it is issued for a period of 3 to 6 months. You will need the following set of documents: • Filled out and signed application for a national visa • Signed clarification in accordance with §§ 53, 54 of the Law “On Stay in the Federal Republic of Germany” • 3 current biometric passport format photographs (taken on a white background and not earlier than 6 months ago) • International passport (with a signature of holder) + 2 copies of a page with holder’s personal data • Internal passport +2 copies of a page with holder’s personal data + copies of a stamp showing the registration at the place of residence + residence permit in Russia (if any) • An employment contract or a job guarantee with an indication of the size of the annual salary without deductions (including a description of job duties and job requirements) +2 copies • Higher education diploma with a transcripttranslated into German +2 copies • Confirmation of language knowledge (certificates, certificates of attendance of courses (if any) • Biography showing a professional career (without omissions) translated into German +2 copies • Service record book translated into German +2 copies • Health insurance policy for traveling abroad (for the first time) +2 copies • Additional confirmation documents translated into German +2 copies Upon arrival in Germany, you will need to contact the Foreigners’ Authority (i.e. Ausländerbehörde) with a request to issue the Blue Card. To obtain it, you will need the same documents as for the entry visa.

How to settle all issues related to obtaining of permission to immigrate?

At all stages – i.e. the search for a job, accommodation, collection and preparation of documents, filling out questionnaires and translating the necessary documents – arise many issues, which is simply physically impossible to solve by yourself. You lose time, spend days and weeks in searching for information on the Internet, in forums and in chat rooms, you do not always receive competent answers, you become nervous and have to postpone your departure date. Such unpleasant moments can be avoided, if you entrust all the troubles to people who clearly understand this procedure, who know the nuances and are ready to assist you throughout the entire time of processing documents and your accommodation in a country, unknown for you. Our experts are able to make your immigration comfortable and the process of your adaptation in Germany pleasant and interesting.

Move forward

The desire to find a prestigious job and to improve living conditions is quite capable of becoming a reality, if you act, and to move step by step towards your goal. If you are Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian, and you have decided to immigrate to Germany, one of the most developed European countries with a high standard of living and decent payment, thendo not give up, but simply move forward and you will succeed in that.