In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without social media. We use them for entertainment and communication, learning, business development and sales, showing part of our lives and observing the lives of others. Social networks are constantly improving and have often become powerful tools in the development of different areas of life. For example, by creating a profile on some of them, you will not only be able to talk about yourself, but also create a lively online professional CV in a detailed form which will allow the best employers know about you and you will find the job you have been dreaming of for a long time. Which social networking site should job seekers register with in the German labor market? And how to set up a user profile so that you could get an automatic notification of job offers? In this article, Blue Card Agency tells about the most popular business network XING as a job search tool.

Features and capabilities of XING

The functionality of this social network is quite extensive and differs significantly from other platforms. For example, XING users have the option:
  • to register two types of profile: personal or corporate;
  • to introduce yourself as a future employee or business founder;
  • to post job vacancies and search for jobs;
  • to organize meetings, events, forums and other networking activities;
  • to exchange business contacts and find the new ones.
You can also share your hobbies, thoughts and photos on your profile, but everything you do will be solely for the purpose of building your business image, expanding your professional network and building your career. Accordingly, the visual and textual information you post should be carefully selected and considered. Otherwise, headhunters will pass by your profile and you may not receive any job offers.

XING for your job search: 7 steps towards the perfect profile

To ensure that your profile serves you as a passive but effective job search tool, remember that you need to take every last detail into account when filling it out. Follow our tips to get the best results.

Step 1: Registration.

The best way to create a profile is to use an e-mail account set up on the German domain. It is also worth remembering that this is the same e-mail address that you will be actively using in the future. And so in his name, write your first and last name. The German standard for an e-mail account name is firstname.lastname@… Otherwise, how can you explain to your employer why you are using someone else’s e-mail address?

Step 2: Adding a profile picture.

The first thing an employer or a colleague sees when they click through to your account is your photo. And there are special requirements for it on this social networking site. Neither your CV nor your XING profile will be considered without a photo. It has to be taken in a studio, with a dark background, of high quality and definitely with a smile. To guide your photographer, enter the word Bewerbungsfoto into any search engine and show the results. Remember the dark background and the smile. Together you will achieve the best possible result.

Step 3: Define your skills.

You should be clear about what you have to offer and what you expect from the employer by filling in the ‘I am looking for’ and ‘I am offering’ sections. It is important to use the right keywords to describe your experience and requirements for the job, which is how recruiters will look for you. And the more accurately you describe in this block, the more similarity the employer will see between your details and the requirements of the vacancy you are applying for, the better your chances as an applicant.

Step 4: Career and training descriptions.

One of the important sections that will prove your experience and confirm that you have the right education. Don’t neglect to fill it out, making sure to list your work and study places in reverse chronological order. Here you should also indicate the courses you are leading or additional projects you are involved in or running.

Step 5: Indicate your language level and certifications.

Add to this section any certificates of professional or language courses, further training courses, and participation in social projects (if any). Remember, you are creating a holistic image of a professional and well-rounded person.

Step 6: Fill in the section on personal interests and hobbies.

If you’re into yoga or team sports, this will definitely play to your advantage. Avoid extreme sports like skydiving or rock climbing. A potential employer may wonder whether to hire an employee who risks dropping out of the process indefinitely and leaving important projects behind.

Step 7: Adding work to your portfolio.

Probably one of the most important sections of your profile. You have the opportunity to add photos of your work, graphics, files, work samples, text blocks – anything that can prove your successful work cases to your account. This is the best evidence of your professional experience. Consider adding links to your other social media profiles. Remember that your image is formed from a combination of facts about you, your first impression and your described work experience. So use this section only if your other profiles do not contain provocative photos or information about you.

How do I find a job with XING?

Once you have completed the most important step – filling in your profile – you can start looking for jobs. There are a number of ways you can do this:
  • search through your list of open, published jobs;
  • get added to the job groups and watch for updates;
  • make sure you follow all the recommendations for stuffing your profile so that employers or recruiters cannot refuse to do business with you.
Don’t forget that a properly completed XING account that contains proof of your experience and reflects your personality is the key to a successful career. It’s a unique opportunity to get a ‚lively‘ CV that works for your success. We hope our recommendations will help you create the image of a modern and in-demand professional. We understand how complex and painstaking this process is when you have to consider all the nuances and make no mistakes. That’s why our agency managers, with many years of experience of living and working in Germany, can help you optimize or create your XING profile.