Online courses are becoming more and more popular. Anyone can enter for online courses of their interest and take various distance learning programs. This format allows a huge number of people who do not have enough time and money to get a higher education in the classical way to master their favorite specialty. Online education is especially relevant in the light of recent events, when the world is waiting for the pandemic. But the constant debate about the benefits of distance learning is disturbing. How affordable and effective is it? Next, will help to understand and find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the format.

Who is suitable for online education?

The distance learning format is available to a large segment of the population. Everyone can master the right program. Courses are also offered with the option of university admission. There are even online schools that offer secondary education for children. Organizing a child is much more difficult, but it’s an option for parents working abroad and traveling as a family.
After graduation or when people want to acquire a profession, they decide the dilemma – to study or to earn. After all, the typical student has no income and has only to hope for future earnings. Elementary survival often becomes a priority, especially in young families. But on the other hand, online learning can be combined with work.

Clear advantages of distance learning

The ability to communicate via the internet opens up opportunities not only for students, but also for teachers. The alternative attracts both categories and has two sides of the coin.

Flexible schedules

Freedom of choice for students at universities, often limited to a few courses. There are obligatory subjects to take, far from preferences.
The next inconvenience is the daily morning rise. If you choose to study online, you can change the schedule to suit you, and the choice of subjects is up to you. The student is not obliged to follow the schedule strictly. You can watch lectures at night or take a class while on the road using your smartphone

Communication with the best professors

Not everyone can afford travelling to the capital for the admission to popular universities. The cost of travel is enormous, and competition for places is tremendous. Today, most universities have prepared various disciplines in the format of distance courses. So it is realistic to get knowledge from experienced professionals, and to have a diploma of a prestigious university without leaving your own home.

Affordable prices

Even the budget department pulls in a decent amount of money. Students from other cities pay for food and accommodation. If you are lucky enough to study in your own city, you won’t be able to work and earn enough to live on. But distance learning allows you to work full time and the cost of the courses is much cheaper than a classical education.
Territorial freedom also applies to managers already working in remote regions. Nowadays many people are upgrading their qualifications. Going to face-to-face seminars or trainings is quite difficult. Online products have curved out a deserving niche, as they are user-friendly for organizers and participants.

Opportunity to study for any category of citizens

Thanks to the online form, people with disabilities have the opportunity to acquire a profession. There is a category of people who find it difficult to tolerate close communication. It is easier for shy students to study at home. There is no peer pressure, you don’t need to concern about your appearance.

Ability to choose the pace and channels for sharing information

Currently any difficult topic can be seen in the recording. Unnecessary topics can be skipped altogether to save time. You can also choose the appropriate delivery mode. These are online webinars or Skype conferences. Messengers are for communicating and solving problems at any time, while e-mail will give you the possibility to get the learner’s guide and other documents.

What are the interests for teachers?

Teachers also take the advantages of online learning. They can achieve high results and efficiency by using user-friendly tools. These include tests, presentations, videos, webcasts, displaying screen images and chats. The student is given the opportunity to go behind a difficult lesson many times to learn. It is easier for the teacher to keep track of the students‘ progress. For this purpose, special programs with easy tests, assessments and statistics are developed. With knowledge, experience and a willingness to teach, there is an opportunity to earn trimmings.
E-learning courses and webinars are a magic wand for organizational managers. You can train your staff cheaply without having to deal with temporary replacement. This approach is particularly popular with companies that have a high turnover of staff. If you create your own training course or use the services we offer, you will not need to hire and pay for a full time coach. It’s also worth noting that you can work from anywhere without losing your professional image. Even if you are late for a lecture, you can always connect to the session using your smartphone and mobile apps

The disadvantages of online learning

The attractiveness of distance learning is undeniable and has many pluses, but the obvious disadvantages cannot be overlooked. Theoretically, people of all ages can learn via the internet, but it is fair to say that the older generation often lacks the necessary user skills. Consider the other downsides as well.

Lack of control

This factor can be either a plus or a minus. Not everyone works well without a supervisor in the guise of a boss or professor. There is no one to shift the responsibility to. The person is fully responsible for diligence and well-timed delivery of credits, materials. There is no support in the form of friends who can whisper the right answer and remind you to do your homework. An online student must have maximum high self-organization and willpower.

Lack of credibility of diplomas

When communicating with a tutor, there is no way to be sure that you are the author of the exercises. That is why many organizations are distrustful of the online certificates they receive. To solve the problem, serious educational institutions use a variety of verification methods: video conferencing, special programs and require the original documents of the students. Such difficulties more often concern final tests. But students can order any essay or term paper from special resources offering these services. The tricky part also applies to traditional education.

Quality of service

The described verification problem unfortunately works both ways. The student is also limited in his/her preliminary assessment of the material that is offered. Often already after paying for the courses and a few classes, one realizes that they are of low quality. Careful selection of programs, studying reviews and ratings will help to solve the issue.

Do you need an apprenticeship?

There are some professions that cannot be learned without practical skills. Doctors, engineers and biologists are prime examples. A surgeon or a test pilot will not be able to practice using only theoretical knowledge. However, distance learning is developing and field trips to master practice are being introduced. But is it worth studying by correspondence?

What disadvantages does the organizer face with?

By painting an array of tools in glowing colors, we assume that speakers are capable of using them. E-learning platforms require a certain amount of knowledge. In addition, you will need to learn and apply effective techniques for running distance learning seminars. It is important to hold the attention of students, and the methods are considerably different than face-to-face contact. A teacher who has not mastered the exciting ways of online learning pushes students to be tempted to turn off the computer and attend more interesting activities. Each assignment will have to be prepared not only in the spectrum of information presentation, but also in terms of technical specifications.
Higher education institutions may have problems recruiting the experienced teachers, because of the need to learn about technical matters. The experienced senior citizens may be afraid of such an invention.


There are two sides to the effectiveness of online education and it cannot be taken for granted. E-learning is booming and has lots of advantages! The disadvantages are also plentiful, although they can be found in traditional methods. Modern lifestyle requires professionals who are ready to learn constantly. Therefore, distance forms will not lose their appeal!